Danièle’s workshop : Le petit Mas JYC

Like an island in the garrigue, the Mas JYC workshop is Danièle’s refuge bathed in light, a tribute to her parents.

C’était son rêve, c’est maintenant sa nouvelle Vie, où son désir de sens et son besoin de créer avec ses mains se réalisent tous les jours.

This is where many of the objects in the house were conceived and realised, as a common thread in his designs.

Her passion for materials, her need to shape, to transform, to give a new life to objects guide her imagination.

To discover or buy his creations, the Mas JYC workshop will just open on Wednesday mornings from 11am to 1pm, during the house maintenance slot, and will of course be unoccupied for the rest of your stay.

Just like Jean-Yves and Cécile.